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BlackJack Winning All the Time To win $1000 bucks a day with


BlackJack Winning All the Time To win $1000 bucks a day with

BlackJack Winning All the Time To win $1000 bucks a day with black jack its quite simple, In most gambling establishments the minimal wager is $15 at the tables, but the strategy I am offering should just require $1 as well as conserving you the journey to visit a gambling establishment. This Strategy resembles the roulette strategy, but you must know how to play blackjack in purchase for this strategy to work 100% Kingw88

If you currently know how to play blackjack please proceed to The Double wagering Strategy.


This card video game is among the easiest and easiest to play and learn

All you require is on your own and a dealership, the aim of the video game is to obtain 21(blackjack) or closest to 21(19,18,17)

the dealer will hand you 2 cards both hidden from the dealer and you must beat the dealer by obtaining 21 or closest to 21, you can request as many cards you wish, but if you review 21, you shed the video game, this is called a bust

the numbers are all what they equal besides the picture cards(king,queen,jack) these cards deserve 10 and Aces are either 1 or 11.

There are 2 options for you Hit or Stand,

“Hit” meaning requesting an extra card to include for your 2 cards and

“stand” meaning you do not want any longer cards, this option will end up the video game and exposing cards to see that has won, the champion is either you or the dealer. (pointer obtaining a Ace and a photo card at the beginning will give you bonus money “blackjack”) Currently you know how to play BlackJack you might proceed to my REWARDING STRATEGY.

The Double wagering Strategy, this strategy is simple all you need to do is most likely to a online blackjack room and appearance for a solitary gamer setting, and begin gambling normal to find a solitary gamer online gambling establishment, remember to have fun with play money unreal money, you can begin having fun real money after you’re used to the strategy.

Firstly, if I begin with allows say $20, all you do is wager $1 and translucent the result of the video game, if you shed the video game you simply try win your $1 back and a $1 profit, simply by putting $2 as a wager, for an instance.

Begin with $20


Place $1 wager ($20-$1=$19) OUTCOME = LOSE($1), still $19 remaining


Place $2 wager ($19-$2=$17) OUTCOME = LOSE($2), still $17 remaining


Place $4 wager ($17-$4=$13) OUTCOME = WIN ($8) $13+8=$21

At completion of each winning rounded you gain $1 and by duplicating this process you’ll constantly win.

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